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With the economy the way it is Dental implants cost are the main concern of many patients. Currently treatment with dental implants has become the first choice to replace missing teeth.

The average implant fee per tooth in United States can run around US$3000 or more. We provide high quality treatment while using the same superior implant brands for the affordable price of US$1100. This low price includes the crown, x-rays, anesthesia, and all medications needed before and after implant surgical placement.

Our implant dentists are Bi-lingual, highly skilled and proficient Board Certified dentists. Before and after your procedure they will be available to you twenty-four hours, seven days a week. They are always accessible to help you or answer any question you may have. You can rest assured that your dental health is in the rights hands.

With affordable dental implants in Dominican Republic you have the opportunity to know this beautiful island in the Caribbean while having a very reasonably priced, first-class dental procedure.

This site about Dental Implant Costs and Prices give you a clear idea of what you are expected to pay during your dental vacation.

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Dental Implants Cost – Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental Implants Cost