Dental Implants Cost Guide In The Dominican Republic

  Dental Implants Cost Guide In The Dominican Republic

Cost of dental implants procedures in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

   Dental Implants Cost Guide in the Dominican Republic gives a clear idea of what patients are expected to pay during their dental vacation in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. While having first-class dental implant procedures, these is also a great opportunity to know this beautiful island in the Caribbean,

    With the economy the way it is, Dental implants cost are the main concern of many patients in USA. Currently treatment with dental implants has become the first choice to replace missing teeth.

    The average implant fee per tooth in United States can run around US$3000 up to US$7000 for a single tooth. We provide high quality dental treatment while using the same superior implant brands for the affordable price of US$1100. This low price includes the placement of the implant, abutment andabutment crown, a complete restoration for a single tooth.

    Dr.Florentino is Board Certified Dentist, Bi-lingual, highly skilled and proficient. He will be available for patients 24/7 after every implant procedure, patients can always call him and he will be there to answer any question they may have. He provides post operative medication for free, pain killers, antibiotics, mouthwash, for a pleasant recovery. Patients can rest assured that your dental health is in the rights hands.


  Dental Implants Cost | Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry  in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Average dental implants cost in Dominican Republic.

Here you can see a list of the average dental implant cost in United State and Canada; we made a comparison to show what you would pay in our Dental Clinic in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Price comparison of dental implants procedures

Surgical placements of implant in United States US$2000+  |  our Dental Clinic in Dominica Republic US$700.

Abutment United States prefabricated US$660 – custom US$1000 | our Dental Clinic in the Dominica Republic US$160.

Crown, PFM, high-noble metal United States US$ 800+  | our Dental Clinic in the Dominica Republic US$240.

Total spent for one single implant:

United States US$3,600  up to US$7000

Our clinic in Dominican Republic US$1100

This means that you save around US$2500 per implant (tooth). The quality of the implants we use are the same top brands fabricated in the USA. The quality of the procedure in our Clinic is the quality you would expect and deserve.  For all our procedures we give 100% written guarantee.

Why are we the dental clinic of choice?

We appreciate that our patients come from afar; so we dedicate the necessary hours to satisfy the particular requirements of each patient. For this reason, Dr. Florentino and Associates will only take a number of patients with whom they feel confident to deliver one hundred percent of their capacity, concentration and willingness to do the dental work with love.

Our dental clinic has 4 private and separated dental chairs, so each doctor can treat 2 patients per day. This is the only way excellent results can be delivered.

Dr.Florentino Encarnacion G.|Doctor of Dental Surgery|Cosmetic and Implant Dentist.

Why are dental implants so affordable in the Dominican Republic?

The main reason we are able to offer affordable dental implants is that of the low cost of living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Dentists in New York, San Francisco, Florida, among others USA cities spend at least 6 times more on their facilities,  staff with more than 10 people working for them. In our country, the administrative cost and staff are lower. Therefore, we can pass the lower costs onto you, our patients. The price of dental treatment is always related to the city you live in.

Implants and material that we use, all are fabricated in the USA.  Before starting any implants procedures, we can send the brands information to the patients, so they can research about the quality of our products. All disposable materials are unpacked in front of the patient so that there is evidence of a clean and safe treatment.

Your dental care is the main priority for coming to our island, this can also be a good opportunity for a vacation. Incorporate your dental care and a vacation with family and friends together, to get the most out of your stay.

Possible extra costs to the placement of dental implants.

These are the procedures that need to be performed before or during implant surgical placement, which represent extra costs to implants procedure.



• Dental Extractions

• Bone Grafts

• Soft Tissue Grafts

• Sinus Lift

• Surgical Techniques

• CT Scan (computed tomography)


Patients can get a quote for their dental implant treatment in less than 48 hours.Send us an E-mail with a copy of their x-rays or a treatment plan if have one from their local dentist.  This way we can have a good idea of patient’s dental needs and be prepared to help them as soon as they arrive.

See our dental implant price list.

Talk to Dr.Florentino Call Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 07:00 PM EDT 1-800-506-9826.

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