Why dental implants are so affordable in Dominican Republic?

The main reason we are able to offer affordable dental implants, is because of the low cost of  living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Dentists in New York, San Francisco, Florida, among others USA cities spend at least 6 times more on their facilities,  staff with more than 10 people working for them. In our country the administrative cost and staff are lower. Therefore, we can pass the lower costs onto you, our patients. The price of dental treatment is always related to the city you live in.

Implants and material that we use, all are fabricated in USA.  Before starting any implants procedures, we can send  the brands information to the patients, so they can research about the quality of our  products. All disposable materials are unpacked in front of the patient, so that there is evidence of a clean and safe treatment.

Your dental care is the main priority for coming to our island, this can also be a good opportunity for a vacation. Incorporate your dental care and a vacation with family and friends together, to get the most out of your stay.


Affordable Dental Implants in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.