Average Dental Implant Cost Comparison

Here you can see a list with the average dental implant cost in United State and Canada; we make a comparison showing what you would pay in our Dental Clinic

Average Dental Implants Costs in North America compared to the costs in our Dominican Republic Dental Clinic.


Surgical placements of implant

United States US$ 2000

Our clinic in Dominican Republic US$700

Abutment for implant

United States US$ 800 (prefabricated US$660 – custom US$1000)

Our clinic in Dominican Republic Prefabricated or Custom   US$160

Crown, porcelain fused to metal, high-noble metal

United States US$ 800

Our clinic in Dominican Republic US$240


United States US$3,600

Our clinic in Dominican Republic US$1100

These means that you save around US$2500 per implant (tooth).
The quality of the implants we use are the same top brands fabricated in USA. The quality of the procedure in our Clinic is the quality you would expect and deserve.
All the procedures are 100% guaranteed.

Dental Implants Average Costs / Fees