Dental Implant Bridge Costs in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic a 3 pieces dental implant bridge costs are US$2600.00, this will include 2 dental implants placement and 4 to 6 month later, a 3 pieces porcelain bridge.


Dental Implant Bridge Cost US$2600.

Dental implant bridge cost US$2600




For a complete fixed full Bridge (from 12 to 14 teeth), top or low, 6 to 8 implants need to be placed.

First stage: implants placement

6 Titanium implants US$4200 | 8 Titanium implants US$5600


Second stage after healing process 4 to 6 month

Fixed Full Porcelain Dental Implants Bridge (top or low) US$5500.

The approximate total price of placing 6 dental implants and a fixed full porcelain bridge (12 or 14 teeth) is US$9700-11,100.




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