Dental Implants Prices in Dominican Republic

Price list of dental implants procedures in our dental clinic in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Dental Implants ProceduresPrices/Cost
First Visit/ConsultingFree
Single Dental ImplantUS$700
2 Dental ImplantsUS$1400
4 Dental ImplantsUS$2800
6 Dental ImplantsUS$4200
8 Dental ImplantsUS$5600
Hi Noble Porcelain Crown (abutment included)US$400
Zirconium CrownUS$500-800
2 Implants OverdentureUS$1500
4 Implants OverdentureUS$2000
Fixed Full Implant DentureUS$4000
Full top or bottom Porcelain Bridge (10-12 pieces)US$5500


These are the real prices, after the initial consultation visit we can tell you if there are any additional fees. Payments can be made in cash using US dollars or Dominican Pesos. We also accept VISA, American Express and MASTER CARD for payments as well.